Ernest Arthur Kingham, killed in action 16 June 1944

On Saturday June 14th a group of family members linked to the crew of LL690 visited Iwuy and Rieux to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the crash on 16th June 1944.  Michel L’Espagnol was an excellent host and guided us round the two cemeteries where the crew are buried, showed us the location of the crash site and then planted a rose bush in the centre of Iwuy. The afternoon was concluded by a reception in the ceremonial hall at Iwuy Town Hall, where members of the council made interesting speeches and Michel read out the memories of the surviving witnesses to the crash. Emma and Joanna (Great Nieces of Ernest Kingham) gave a thank you speech in French.  Gifts were then presented to the town and Michel.  Below are a few pictures of the day. At the bottom are the documents produced by Michel.

Michel laying a wreath at Rieux.
Friends and family gathered at the crash site.
Emily and Steve laying a plaque with the rose bush in Iwuy.
Emily from Iwuy town council making a speech
Emma and Joanna thanking the French people for their kindness
Michel receiving a card signed by
Ernest Kingham’s surviving siblings.
A crew picture presented to the town.
Relatives of Ernest Arthur Kingham.
Emma and Joanna laying a wreath at
The grave of Sgt Hutt in Iwuy Cemetery.
Wreaths at the graves at Rieux
Friends and family at Rieux cemetery with Michel and Jeanne.
Documents relating to the 70th anniversary (courtesy of Michel)

The last day of LL690

70th anniversay slideshow

Witness Testimonies